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Katalonien ist eine Region in Spanien, die viele Aktivitätsmöglichkeiten für alle Altersgruppen bietet. Besucht unseren Aktivitätskatalog und macht das beste von deinem Urlaub !

Tourismus mit Respekt

Örtlich leben ist ein guter Möglichkeit "Verantwortlichen Tourismus" zu praktisieren, indem man  die lokale Landbevölkerung Kataloniens  und damit die traditionelle Lebensarten unterstützt. Die Renovierung von den schönen Landhäusern mit Respekt für die Geschichte erstoppt die Erweiterung des Massentourismus und hilft die fantastisch schöne Natur, die Landbevölkerung, das Tierleben und die kulturhistorische Häuder ind dem spanischen Bauernland zu bewahren.

Grosse Ferienhauser

Wir verfügen über eine grosse Auswahl von Ferienwohnungen in Katalonien, Spanien für grössere Gruppen, was ermöglicht einen unvergesslichen Urlaub mit meherere Generationen oder Freunden zu haben.

Nansensgade 53
DK-1366 Kopenhagen K
Tel: (+45) 50 56 76 24
Tel: (+45) 31 33 87 30
Tel: (+45) 33 33 92 33


Zur Zeit leider nur eine englische Version:

Take a day of from the family and spoil yourself with a delight treat on one of the numerous health and spa centres in Catalonia.  You might even want to go to Andorra at the world's largest thermal water centre.


Caldea Andorra is Europe's biggest mountain thermal water centre. But Caldea is a modern thermal-leisure centre (since 1994) rather than a medical one.
It is intended for all those who want to enjoy the benefits of a thermal spa, to maintain their good health and relax without needing to be subjected to medical treatment. Let's say that you won't come across the occasionally depressing atmosphere sometimes found in usual thermal water treatment centres.
Caldea has 6000 m2 of indoor and outdoor lagoons, saunas, Jacuzzis, Aztec bath, Indo-Roman baths, waterfalls, loungers with bubbles, warm marble slabs, massages, beauty treatments and many others.
Great to get away from it all and relax after some days turing catalonia or a day's skiing.
At Caldea you'll find water in all of its forms, from steam to ice, and with its different applications according to various cultures, from Roman to Japanese. The water temperature in Caldea's different installations ranges from 14ºC to 36ºC and its maximum depth is 1.30 m.
It's easy to recognise the Caldea building; with its 31.000 square metres of glass, and its 80 m. high and 65 m. wide spire, it has a futurist design made possible with use of the latest technology.

Club Caldea is an area situated on the upper level of the building where customers can indulge in a few days of relaxation or beauty treatment. The Club offers an exclusive personalised relaxation, beauty and medical programme, with a maximum of only 30 people at a time.

Important: During the winter ski season it's advisable to book beforehand, as the number of visitors is limited. Although it may seem obvious, we also recommend that you wear warm clothing upon exiting Caldea due to the difference in temperature.

Parc de la Mola, 10, Escaldes-Engordany Tel.: (+376) 80 09 99 www.caldea.ad

Central Catalonia

Balneari Broquetas. H 3*

Hyperthermal waters (surface tempera-ture 70ºC) containing sodium chlorideand sodium bicarbonate. Recommended for rheumatic complaints, accident injuries, diseases of therespiratory system, nervous disorders weight problems, stress.Medical supervision, specialized staff

Hydrotherapy (crenotherapy), inhalations, mud therapy, rehabilitations exercises, electrotherapy, thermalpool with rays and bubbles, vapourbaths.

Pl. Font del Lleó, 1 08140 - Caldes de Montbui (Caldes de Montbui) Tel: 93 8650100 Fax: 93 8652312 broquetas@grupbroquetas.com www.grupbroquetas.com

Balneari Codina

Hydrotherapy, inhalations, aerosol therapy, pulverization nasal and pharyngeal douches, baths, hydromassage, mud therapy, therapeuticmassage.

Ctra. de Manresa, 59 08551 - Tona (Tona) Tel: 93 8870314 Fax: 93 8124381

Balneari Termes La Garriga H 4*

Hyperthermal waters (surface tempera-ture 60ºC), containing chlorine andfluorine compounds and sodium bicarbo-nate and rich in silicon. Recommendedfor rheumatic complaints and problemsof the locomotory apparatus,respirato-ry diseases and disorders of the peri-pheral circulation system, weight pro-blems, stress.Medical supervision, specialized staff

Hydrotherapy (crenotherapy), mud therapy, rehabilitation exercises, electrotherapy, presotherapy, laser therapy, cell therapy, therapeutic massage, thermal pool with rays and bubbles.

C/ Banys, 23 08530 - Garriga, la (La Garriga) Tel: 93 8717086 Fax: 93 8717887 termes@termes.com www.termes.com

Balneari Termes Victòria. H 3*

Hyperthermal waters (surface tempera-tures 70º C) containing sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate.Recommendated for rheumatic complaintsand problems of the locomotory apparatus, after effects of accident injuries, respiratory diseases, weightproblems, emotional stress, neurovegetative disorders. Medical supervision, specialized staff

Hydrotherapy (crenotherapy), inhalations, mud therapy, rehabilitation gymnasium, therapeutic massage, vapour baths, thermal pool with rays andbubbles.

C/ Barcelona, 12 08140 - Caldes de Montbui (Caldes de Montbui) Tel: 93 8650150 Fax: 93 8650816 info@termesvictoria.com www.termesvictoria.com

Gran Hotel Balneari Blancafort. H 5* GL

Moderately mineralized hyperthermal waters (surface temperature 60ºC) containing cholorine and fluorine compounds and sodium bicarbonate and richin silicon. Recommended for rheumaticcomplaints, and problems of the locomotory apparatus, respiratory diseasesand disorders of the peripheral circulation system, weight problems, stress.Medical supervision, specialized staff

Hydrotherapy (crenotherapy), inhalations mud therapy, rehabilitation, electrotherapy, heat therapy, drainageof the lymphatic system, weight problems, stress, beauty treatment.

Mina nº 7 08530 - Garriga, la (La Garriga) Tel: 938 605 600 Fax: 938 612 390 info@balnearioblancafort.com www.balnearioblancafort.com


Vila de Caldes. H 4*

Hyperthermal waters (surface tempera-ture 70ºC) containing sodium chlorideand sodium bicarbonate. Recommended for rheumatic complaints, stress. Medical supervision, specialized staff

Hydrotherapy (crenotherapy).Ultraviolet rays.

Pl. de l`Àngel, 5 08140 - Caldes de Montbui (Caldes de Montbui) Tel: 93 8654100 Fax: 93 8650095 viladecaldes@grupbroquetas.com http://www.grupbroquetas.com/

Costa Brava

Balneari Termas Orion. H 3*

Meso and hyperthermal waters (surface temperature 39ºC, 42ºC and 46ºC), containning sodium bicarbonate, sili-cates, and fluorine compounds and radium emanations. Recommended for rheumatic complaints and problems of thelocomotory apparatus, circulation problems, respiratory diseases, calculiof the kidney, and bladder, weight, etc. Medical supervision, specialized staff

Hidrotherapy (crenotherapy), inhalations, thermal steam sauna, mud therapy, therapeutic massage, respiratory physiotherapy, thermal pool with raysand bubbles, reflex foot massage.

Ctra. del Balneari, s/n 17430 - Santa Coloma de Farners (Santa Coloma de Farners) Tel: 972 840065 Fax: 972 840466

Balneari Vichy Catalan. H 3*

Highly mineralized hyperthermic waters(surface temperature 60º C) containingsodium bicarbonate and fluorine compounds. Recommended for digestive andrheumatic complaints, respiratory diseases, circulation problems, ailmentsof the kidneys and urinary tract, weight problems, stress. Medical supervision, specialized staff

Hydrotherapy (crenotherapy), inhalations, mud therapy, rehabilitation exercises, drainage of the lymphaticsystem, reflexotherapy, thermal poolwith rays and bubbles, etc.

Passeig Doctor Furest, 32 17455 - Caldes de Malavella (Caldes de Malavella) Tel: 972 470000 Fax: 972 472299 balneario@vichycatalan.es http://www.balnearivichycatalan.com


Costa Durada/Tarragona

Hotel Balneari Termes Montbrió

Highly mineralized hyperthermal waters(surface temperature 41º-80º C), containing sodium and bicarbonate compounds. Recommendes for rheumatic and digestiu disordes, respiratory diseases, circulation problems. Medical supervision. Specialized staff

Hidrotherapy, inhalations, mud therapy rehabilitation exercices, therapeutic massage, beauty treatments.

Carrer Nou, 38 43340 - Montbrió del Camp (Montbrió del Camp) Tel: 977 814000 / 902.930.400 Fax: 977 814000 HotelTermes@RocBlancHotels.com http://www.RocBlancHotels.com


Costa del Maresme

Balneari Titus

Mesothermal, moderately mineralized waters (surface temperature 38,8 ºC) containing sodium chloride. Recommended for rheumatic and arthritic complaints affecting the locomotory apparatus, ailments of the respiratory and circulation systems, skin problems, stress. Medical supervision, specialized staff.

Hydrotherapy (crenotherapy), inhalations, aerosols, mud therapy, algae treatments, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, drainage of the lymphatic system, clapping, diet treatment, etc.

Ctra. N-II, Km. 655 entre Arenys i Caldes 08350 - Arenys de Mar (Arenys de Mar) Tel: 93 7912076 Fax: 93 7911977 titus@siresa.com http://www.balnearititus.com

Pyrenees and Pre-Pyrenees

El Manantial-Estació Termal Caldes de Boí. H 4*

Lightly miralized alcaline waters ofvarying composition and temperature(from 56ºC to 4ºC) which rise from 37 differents springs and contain chlorine and fluorine compounds, sulphides,shulphates, and sodium bicarbonate.Recommended for rheumatism, respiratory, liver and kidney complaints, nervous and digestive aliments, etc.Medical supervision, specialized staff

Hydrotherapy (crenotherapy), naturalstoves, vapour baths, inhalations, mudtherapy, rehabilitation exercises, electrotherapy, heat therapy, thermalpool with rays and bubbles, etc.

25528 - Caldes de Boí (La Vall de Boí) Tel: 973 696210 Fax: 973 696058 info@caldesboi.com http://www.caldesdeboi.com

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